How to Solo The Sunken Curse Mermaid Statues

While reception for the last two Bilge Rat Adventures was positive overall, player feedback included overwhelmingly that more options need to be available for solo players to complete them.

Half of the Skeleton Thrones required multiple crews cooperating, as did a couple of the Gunpowder Skeleton Commendations, which left some solo players who wanted to complete all the Commendations in the lurch. With The Sunken Curse event, however, it seems Rare has struck the perfect balance.

The Mermaid Statues in the Sunken Curse event need to be located and destroyed, with the 3 types varying in how much health they have. Because they regenerate while being attacked, the general recommendation for crew size is:

  • Sapphire Mermaid Statue – 1+ players
  • Emerald Mermaid Statue – 2+ players
  • Ruby Mermaid Statue – 3+ players

For those that don’t want to crew up to complete all the Commendations, we’ve got just the guide for you!

Sapphire Mermaid Statues

Being the weakest of the three, the Sapphire Statues are very easy to destroy as a solo player. Using your sword will take care of this Statue in no time.

Emerald Mermaid Statues

This is where strategy starts to come into play, given that Emerald Statues normally require 2+ crew members to destroy in a timely manner.

There are 2 methods to destroying the Emerald Statues solo:

  • Using conventional weapons
  • Gunpowder barrels

When using conventional weaponry, it’s possible to remain just outside the area of the Statue’s attack range – make sure you’re stocked up on bananas as a last resort for drowning/shark attacks, and bring a Blunderbuss/sword with you. Fire off a Blunderbuss shot first and then finish the job with your sword. If you’re not taking damage from the Statue, you should be able to finish the job before you drown.

If you’re able to locate Gunpowder barrels, it takes 3 well-placed barrels to destroy them. If the Statue you’re trying to destroy is too far below the surface, it takes 10 minutes for the barrels to sink to the sea floor (so I would suggest placing them above the Statue and continuing on your way before returning)

Ruby Mermaid Statues

Ruby Statues are by the strongest of the 3 types, and normally require 3+ crew members to defeat.

The best way to solo Ruby Statue is to use the Gunpowder method – if you can gather 5 gunpowder barrels and use the method described above, you can destroy any Ruby Statue you come across.

Check out some of Reddit’s examples here and here (should be noted that these two examples are Statues on the surface. Letting barrels sink and detonating them has been tested and works)

So there you have it! You’re now able to destroy every Mermaid Statue and successfully solo this week’s Bilge Rat Adventure. If you want to read more about what else was introduced in this update, check out our patch notes writeup.

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