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Update: To stay up to date, read up on what’s coming to Sea of Thieves in 2019

Update: Rare has detailed Sea of Thieves’ content roadmap, to begin in with weekly updates and a major content update in May

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While Sea of Thieves is an incredibly fun experience (and one of the funnest games I’ve ever played), the community at large is mostly unanimous in questioning the amount of content available at launch. This is leading many to pressure developer Rare into discussing the content they plan to add post-launch.

So far, Rare has been very transparent in their efforts to address things like bugs and community suggestions (such as the recent Death Tax backlash and the upcoming respawn update), and they’ve made comment to let the community know their pleas haven’t fallen on deaf ears:

“We hear the content question and understand why people are keen to see how we plan to move Sea of Thieves forward. Planning is ongoing on the next set of priorities right now, and we are adjusting our existing plans based on the feedback we’ve been seeing. We will have more to share on this soon”

It’s safe to say that “soon” will be in the coming couple of weeks, once the list of launch bugs an priority issues become more manageable.

Until then, we’ve compiled a list of features and content that Rare have mentioned in the weeks and months leading up to launch that will be making an appearance in the game at some point. Some of these – like Pets and the Captaincy update – have hard dates attached, while others weren’t specified.

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Live Events

When – Ongoing

Mentioned during February’s press tour by multiple outlets, Rare states that their plans for a post-launch Sea of Thieves include live events. Separate to large content updates, these in-game ‘events’ would be timed occurrences, and ideally differ with each appearance.

“During the first three months we’ll make small additions to enrich the experience,”, producer Joe Neate told The Guardian.

“We’re running timed events, so for a weekend there may be a character in the tavern whom you’ve not seen before. If you chat to him, he’ll set you off on a quest to retrieve something he’s lost and he’ll give you a reward you can only get at that time.”

He also stated that, longer-term, the team is looking to add things like new quest types, new factions, and even new mechanics (the community-requested fishing being a prime example).


When – Captaincy Update, 3 months after launch (potentially June)

Pets were confirmed as a post-launch feature many weeks before Sea of Thieves’ release. While the amount of pets added is still unclear, we know for sure that the update will add Parrots, Monkeys, and Cats.

It’s been confirmed that these pets are obtainable by purchasing with real money, though Rare has stated that they’re looking into the possibility of making some pets obtainable by completing in-game feats.

While a pet will belong to a single player, other players will be able to interact with them as well by picking them up, shooting them out of canons, and generally getting up to the kind of shenanigans the game promotes.

“The first example of [microtransactions] will be pets. I can have a monkey in a hat on my shoulder. I can have a cat. But other people will be able to interact with my pet, too.” Joe Neate told The Guardian.

“If I have a monkey, you’ll be able to pick it up, run off with it, throw it overboard … but it’ll come back. I desperately want to be able to fire pets out of cannons. Again, they’ll be fine – cats always land on their feet.”

Describing this type of content as something that adds a layer of fun to the existing gameplay loop (playing with a pet whilst on a voyage, for example), Neate stated “We’ll look to add more things to that area of the game.”

Ship Ownership

When – Captaincy Update, 3 months after launch (potentially June)

A large part of Sea of Thieves’ 3-month update is becoming a Legendary Captain – the next step following Pirate Legend (presumably after reaching max level with the Legendary faction/company, or after completing a specific set of quests – or both).

While we don’t have too many details set in stone, we do know that owning a ship – and all that comes with it – is a major focus of the update.

“One of the first major updates we want to add is the idea of Pirate Legends becoming Legendary Captains,” Design Director Mike Chapman said to PC Games N.”You become this fictional Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard of the pirate world in Sea of Thieves, and will build your own Black Pearl… people will know you’re a Pirate Legend when they see your ship in the world.”

It’s been suggested that building your ship will be more akin to actually owning a ship (instead of the current system where ships are interchangeable, albeit customisable), including more unique customisation options (and allegedly more things to actually customise), as well as naming your ship.

More Ship Customisation

When – Unknown, ongoing

Aside from the aforementioned customisation rumours for Captaincy, Rare has mentioned that customisation options will expand with future content.

Currently, players can configure their sails, hull, and figurehead. While more cosmetics will be added to these categories down the track, customising things like canons and wheels are on the cards for future updates as well.

Private Crews

When – Unknown

With the current matchmaking system, all crews are permanently ‘open’, meaning that if a member leaves your crew of 4 their spot will open up to the next person who matchmakers in.

A highly-requested feature following several stress tests and betas was to include a ‘private’ option, which would allow players to lock spots in their crew for friends to join. Rare stated during a livestream prior to launch that this is a feature they’re working on with importance (following ironing out performance issues), with the goal being players can switch between private and public joining on the fly.

More Instruments

When – Unknown, but soon

Aside from the current selection of Hurdy Gurdy and Accordion, Rare is planning on adding new instruments as Sea of Thieves progresses.

While this could be any number of instruments, we do have confirmation that a Drum and a Fiddle will be new additions to the selection – according to Senior Designer Shelley Preston, the Drum was almost complete for launch, but not quite there yet.

It’s still not clear whether instruments will fall under the larger quarterly updates, or if they’ll make up some of the ‘live’ updates in between, so there’s no set timeline for these new arrivals just yet.

Speaking Trumpet

When – Unknown, but soon

Discussed a couple of times prior to launch, the Speaking Trumpet will allow players to project their voice-coms much further than normal, meaning that ships can interact vocally with rah other much sooner than currently.

This could either allow for clearer communication between players (telegraphing intentions, friendliness, etc) or push for further piracy (lulling other ships into a false sense of security with promises of peace before raiding all their bananas). Either way works for me!

Hostile Mermaids

When – teased as the first ‘live’ event – date unknown, but presumed within the first month or two (before Captaincy update)

For a long time now, mermaids have been hinted at within video and lore content as being more than just to ferry players back to their ship when lost at sea.

There’s been past promotional content that shows AI mermaids (more than the current ‘beacon’ mermaid), and they’re even suggested as being a new type of enemy.

During the pre-launch AMA, when asked about a taste of our first live event, Rare teases the following:

“New visitors soon there may be, traveling far across the sea, depth of night with eyes aglow, crawling the earth cast in shadow”

Due to the previous footage of interactive/hostile mermaids (and their existence within the lore), many players in the community believe this riddle hints at mermaids coming to the Sea of Thieves – others suggest crabs (paintings of which can be found scattered across the islands).

So there you have it! Let us know if there are any other upcoming features you’re exited about, or what might be at the top of or as those above lance your wish list.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more on Rare’s plans for Sea of Thieves post-launch.

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