Features Confirmed for Cursed Sails Update

Ahead of its release on July 31st, Rare today released a short teaser to show off a little of what to expect with Sea of Thieves’ second major content update, Cursed Sails.

To help those who haven’t been keeping up with the game, we’ve put together a list of additions and updates that we know will be in the expansion.

AI Ships Manned by Skeletons

A much-requested feature since launch, Cursed Sails adds a new AI threat to the world in the form of literal Skeleton Crews.

Manning ships that can disappear beneath and emerge from the waves, this new enemy is described as a ‘fortress’, and means that players will now have to be extra wary when spotting sails on the horizon.

The aesthetic looks great, with tattered sails and a deck that’s barely holding together, and functionally looks like it should provide quite a challenge – the Skeleton crew in the trailer numbered at more than 6, meaning their crew will be bigger than yours (more crew, more cannons to be fired!).

Similar to The Hungering Deep’s Megaladon, the Skeleton ships will play a part in the two-week timed event that launches with Cursed Sails, and then will become a normal part of the world.

New Ship Type – The Brigantine

Another highly requested feature in the weeks before Sea of Thieves’ launch was a 3-man ship, given how running a Galleon with only 3 crew members could be challenging at times.

Rare’s answer is the Brigantine – a ship built purposely to best service a crew of 3.

The ship design puts it firmly between a Sloop and a Galleon – it has 2 masts (compared to the Sloop’s 1, and the Galleon’s 3); 4 cannons on deck (compared to 2 and 8), and will potentially perform around the middle in terms of manoeuvrability as well.

It also has its crow’s nest located on the front mast, a bit lower than the back sail (which may need to be managed when it comes to visibility), and it looks as though the entire deck is flat (as opposed to the other two ships, which both have stairs leading to the wheel).

All in all, it looks like a good addition to the ship lineup from what we can see at a glance, but we’ll have to wait and try it out to see how it really stacks up!

Alliances Between Crews

Long-discussed and only briefly hinted at, Alliances are a way that multiple crews can team up and sail together.

Added benefits to being in an Alliance mean that the participating crews can earn shared rewards; that said, it’s rumored that Alliances can be broken, so you’ll have to keep your guard up.

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New Resource – Cursed Cannonballs

Discussed a couple of months ago and not mentioned since, Cursed Cannonballs are a new resource that will likely be introduced with the Cursed Sails update.

Not much is known about what effect Cursed Cannonballs will have, other than they’re obviously different to a normal cannonball. Similar to normal cannonballs, these will have to be found and stored as normal resources.

Timed Campaign Mission

The Hungering Deep introduced us to Sea of Thieves’ first time-limited campaign – structured differently to Voyages that are purchased from the 3 Trading Companies, these timed campaigns are told through in-game NPCs and dialogue, and have so far encouraged puzzle-solving and exploration (as opposed to “here’s a map, find ‘x'”).

Cursed Sails will also have a timed-campaign that introduces the event into the world. Lasting 2 weeks, the campaign will allow players to partake in the new additions to the game through a crafted experience. Similar to the Hungering Deep, beating the time-limited campaign will also grant players specific cosmetic rewards.

Thankfully, once the time-campaign is finished and 2 weeks have passed, all the additions will remain in the game for good – the AI ships, the new cosmetics, the Brigantine, etc.

New Cosmetic Rewards

As ever, the Cursed Sails update will introduce with it a new set of cosmetics that players can earn. The Hungering Deep gave us themed tattoos, a new figurehead, and some great looking skins for the new Speaking Trumpet and Drums, so it’s safe to say we’ll see something along the same lines for Cursed Sails.

We’ve seen hints around at potential cosmetic styles, from the canons and figurehead on the Brigantine ship having bones (though some have pointed out these look more like Kraken bones), or the set of awesome gear hanging in one of the Outpost Clothing shops, per the below screenshot:


Cursed Sails will launch on July 31st, and we’ll continue to update as we find out more!

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