First Player Earns Every Sea of Thieves Achievement, took “Around 2000 hours”

In a feat deemed too gruelling to be possible, someone has finally unlocked every Achievement in Sea of Thieves – 8 months after the game’s launch.

In an interview with True Achievement, the player – going by the Gamertag of Zyx – estimated that it took him over 2,000 hours from starting the game 2 days after launch to unlocking the final Achievement. Across 8 months, that’s almost 7 hours per day, slotted in around a full-time job.

The reason that it took so long for someone to unlock 100% of the Achievements is because of the severe grind behind many of them, such as the infamous ‘deliver 1,000 banana crates’ (I’ve only ever seen three banana crates myself).

That said, the accomplishment comes after many in-game updates centred around making it easier for players to find this type of loot, and for it to be the goal of ‘message in a bottle’ voyages, the drop rate for which has been increased drastically.

For reference, see the full list of Achievements here, and True Achievements’ original writeup of how long it would take to unlock them with how the game played at launch.

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According to Xbox Live’s tracked stats, Zyx ranks first in the list of Sea of Thieves players when it comes to the number of Voyages completed; though not when it comes to individual Chests, Skulls, or Merchant Cargo turned in (still in the top 20 for all).

So while it’s a tedious grind, it’s also about how well you manage your time in the game, with Zyx preferring to island-hop to find Voyages in bottles to complete some of the Merchant Achievements, rather than collecting them from the Trading Company directly.

When asked if he would continue playing Sea of Thieves, Zyx replied that his grind hadn’t soured his taste for the game.

I very much enjoy this game and coming back to it with friends for every new event and DLC will be funny,” he said. “But now finally I have some freedom to play other games too

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