First Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend ‘Cheated’ his way to the Endgame

The first Pirate Legend has emerged within the Sea of Thieves world – and much to the dismay of the larger community, it looks like he didn’t get there as legitimately as he should have.

In order to become a Pirate Legend players have to complete Voyages (or hand in loot discovered on islands, in shipwrecks, and gained from Skeleton Forts) to level up all 3 Trading Companies to level 50, at which point they unlock Pirate Legend hideout and the ability to complete Legendary Voyages (and level up a new 4th faction). While the goal is to work through this progression naturally, that’s not exactly how Prod1gyX, Sea of Thieves’ first Pirate Legend, went about it.

Much to the community’s disappointment and frustration, Twitch streamer Prod1gyX utilized his community of followers to boost him to the top levels After receiving progress updates from fans who were just about to hand in their loot, he would join their games and reap the rewards from their work, often not participating in the Voyages. After gaining these rewards, he would jump into the next game, and then the next.

While Rare has said the first player to become Pirate Legend would be immortalized within the game, members in the community are pushing for Prod1gyX to not be recognized as the first Pirate Legend at all, given the methods he used to reach the status.

While Rare still hasn’t commented on the issue, we’ll have to wait and see how the community treats our first – and especially our next – Pirate Legend.

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