More Details Emerge for The Arena

Following the Sea of Thieves panel at Xbox’s X018 event, more details have emerged around the upcoming PvP-centric mode, The Arena.

Announced just yesterday, The Arena is a new mode to Sea of Thieves that pits players in a competitive environment completely separate to the base game (now called ‘Adventure’).

We’ve compiled the highlights from the panel to bring you more details on the upcoming mode (and some sneak peaks at a new set of cosmetics coming with the Sea Dogs Trading Company):

  • The Arena will be accessible from the main startup screen of the game (players will either choose Adventure or Arena.

  • The initial mode (with more modes potentially to be expanded on) will be a competitive treasure hunt – players/teams will have the same treasure map, and compete with other Crews to earn (or steal) the most gold before the time limit runs out

  • Focused on shorter and more action-focused session times, rather than the traditional longer playtimes required by Adventure mode

  • The Arena introduces a new Trading Company, called the Sea Dogs. This faction will play a similar role to the others in the base game, where players earn reputation and can purchase unique cosmetics from them

  • Enemy players will be visible from the start of the match – the map’s play area will be condensed for a tighter focus

  • A new social tavern acts as an post-game lobby, where players find out where they ranked, interact with the other Crews, purchase cosmetic items, and queue up for the next match if they wish

  • Not confirmed nor denied if Solo Sloop play is possible yet – still in testing at the moment. For now it seems like it’s Crews only

  • While players can earn reputation with the Sea Dogs, rewards and levels from each mode carry over to the other mode

The Arena update launches early 2019 – watch the full trailer here, and stay tuned to Sea of Thieves Hub for more news as it comes out.

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