Phil Spencer: Sea of Thieves wouldn’t be where it is today without Game Pass

Xbox Head Phil Spencer says that Sea of Thieves wouldn’t be the game it is today if they had waited another year to launch, and that Game Pass helped shape it into what it is.

“At launch, and I read all the same feedback everybody else did, was: ‘Where’s the other half of the game?'” Spencer said.

“But I would also say it’s a game where what it is today wouldn’t be what it is if we had just waited another year and kept it to ourselves”

There’s no denying that Sea of Thieves had a rocky launch, with complaints of thin content and missing features a-plenty. But Rare’s dedication to its fan base has seen the game go from strength to strength with a steady stream of post-launch content, including the most recent – and largest – Anniversary Update.

“It is a game that was literally created with the feedback of the community, and how you manage that through the traditional lens of how people think about what a game launch means is interesting for all of us”

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