Sea of Thieves – A Year In Numbers

The first year was a wild ride for Rare’s pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves. In celebration, they’ve shared some engagement data for the first 12 months, including kilometres sailed and chests turned in – and it’s quite a lot.

The data, seen in the below infographic, contains interesting stats. In particular:

  • 2.3 million islands visited per day (844 million visited total)
  • 1.8 billion kilometres sailed
  • 746 million items traded in
  • Over 100 million cosmetics purchased
  • Players have been killed an average of 11 times by opposing crews
  • 642 billion gold earned

It’s also worth noting that the average numbers (seen top right) has to factor in the spike in players that joined at launch and never returned (whether they traded the game in or played on the Game Pass trial).

This is largely evident in the difference between Kraken encounters (available at launch) and Megalodon encounters (not available at launch).

Those stats include averages for:

  • Enemy ships encountered (38)
  • Shipwrecks salvaged (8)
  • Skeleton Forts plundered (5)
  • Skeleton Ships fought (8)
  • Kraken encounters (2)
  • Megalodon encounters (7)

And if you’ve played since November then you’ll probably know that you’ll experience 7 Megalodon encounters per session, thanks to the upped spawn rates (an exaggeration, but definitely a few per session at least).

It’s also worth noting That Rare announced in August last year they’d had more than 5 million players since launch, and in February studio head Craig Duncan stated their population is “super healthy on both PC and Xbox”.

How much have you contributed to the above? Have you handed in more Gold Hoarder’s Voyages, or are you a Cargo runner? Let us know in the comments!

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