Sea of Thieves Monthly Active Users Doubled After Last Update

Since the success of Sea of Thieves’ last major content update in 2018 – Shrouded Spoils – the game’s playerbase has more than doubled.

Discussing the stats on Inside Xbox, Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed that the number of monthly active users doubled after November – and they aren’t slowing down.

We launched Shrouded Spoils end of November, and since then we’ve been gaining momentum.” said Neate.

We’ve seen our playerbase grow significantly. Since November, and then during December and through to January, we’ve actually seen our playerbase double in terms of our monthly active users, so more than double are playing it now on a monthly basis.”

The momentum isn’t showing signs of slowing down either:

It’s still growing,” he continued. “So day-on-day we look at the last 30 days and that number is still going up.

While this is great news for the folks at Rare, it’s also not too surprising to hear – we’ve written before about how Shrouded Spoils has been the best update to the game yet, and recently an influx of high-profile streamers pushed Sea of Thieves to the top of the Twitch charts. This created a perfect storm of quality content and positive publicity.

“The numbers have been crazy, we’ve seen incredible streaming success – January, the month just gone, is our highest number of viewing hours from streaming since the launch of the project.”

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