Sea of Thieves Player Calculates That Potentially 0.3% of Players Have Reached Pirate Legend

We all knew going into Sea of Thieves that becoming a Pirate Legend would be like an exclusive club – but perhaps not that exclusive.

Reddit user Furious4Fame used figures from Rare’s E3 announcement that roughly 4 million people have played Sea of Thieves since launch and cross-referenced it with the percentage of players that actually left port in their first session (63.33%, according to an unlockable Achievement) and the percentage of players who have gained the Pirate Legend Achievement (0.23%). The magic number at the end of the calculations was approximately 9,200 players.

For the uninitiated, Pirate Legend is the rank that players achieve after reaching level 50 across the 3 main Trading Companies (Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls) – with the way rewards scale the higher rank you are, it’s a long journey to become a Pirate Legend, whether you’re actively working towards it or not.

From the Reddit post, Furious’ maths works out like this:

  • 4 million people have played Sea of Thieves since launch (according to Rare at E3)
  • 63.33% of total players have unlocked the ‘Now Bring Me That Horizon’ Achievement, in which you set sail on your boat for the first time
  • 63.33% of 4 million players is around 2,533,200 players
  • 0.23% of players have gained the ‘Become Pirate Legend’ Achievement
  • 0.23% of the total 4 million players is 9,200
  • Of the 2,533,200 players that have left port, 9,200 Pirate Legends is 0.3631%

Obviously the numbers aren’t accurate, and should be taken as more of a rough estimation than perfect figures – only Rare knows how many there are in the wild. But it’s fun to look at the data we have available to us and see what we can glean.

Given Sea of Thieves has been out for a few months now, I would have expected the number of Pirate Legends to be greater than the above – it looks like being a Pirate Legend will remain a pretty exclusive club for a while longer yet.

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2 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves Player Calculates That Potentially 0.3% of Players Have Reached Pirate Legend”

  1. Freaking hilarious, owing even more to the obvious estimate that of the 2 or so million that have played this, of the 500 million Windows 10 and Xbone total users, have only played it for less than half an hour and then never touched it again.

    The future of Windows 10/11 and Xbone games. Next up, another cartoony Unreal Engine 4 game called Crackdown 3 followed by another not human realistic looking Unreal Engine 4 game, Gears 5, and then another cartoony Unreal Engine 4 game Fable 4. Incredible variety.

    1. The game still lacks depth. I played till I reached about the 20s on the 3 different factions and that was maybe 12 hours of playing. It is lacking to much game play and the grind just gets old. The game feels to be only 10 percent done. I’m sure they have many things to add in the future, but this game could end up a failure due to lack of interest.


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