Sea of Thieves Story Campaign 10-20 hours long, Features Cutscenes and More

Sea of Thieves’ foray into story-driven content is the real deal – Tall Tales ‘Shores of Gold’ will contain 9 chapters, feature fully voice-acted and scored cutscenes, and will take roughly 10-20 hours to complete.

In a press event at Rare, journalists were given hands-on demonstrations with the Tall Tales portion of Sea of Thieves’ upcoming Anniversary Update, due out on April 30th – and the first impressions are very positive.

‘Shores of Gold’ will be the first Tall Tales adventure (with more to come), focusing exclusively on delivering a more traditional story-driven narrative, something Sea of Thieves was criticised for lacking at launch.

Shores of Gold will include 9 chapters/quests that take players on a journey through the treacherous Devil’s Shroud that surrounds the Sea of Thieves and to a new island (the largest island added to the game yet). While the campaign will incorporate a lot of the existing items and mechanics, it also introduces puzzles, traps, bosses, new enemy types, enchanted items, and more. In a Sea of Thieves first, it also features fully voiced and scored cutscenes.

In keeping with the player-driven focus on gameplay within Sea of Thieves, players aren’t told exactly where to go and what to do – instead, they’re provided with a cryptic journal to decipher, or a totem to match to a shrine, or a puzzle sequence to decode (to prevent a cave from filling with water and drowning your crew).

A great writeup at Shack News goes into more detail on the first chapter, which took around 1.5 hours. Design Director Mike Chapman estimates that completing the total 9 chapters should take around 10-20 hours.

The real beauty of Tall Tales isn’t just that it’s being added into the game (though it has been one of the top-requested additions since launch), but that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum – the adventure takes place within the normal game world, so players can be sailing through the story and decide to loot a shipwreck, or wrestle with the Kraken, or engage other player ships. It serves to add another layer to the existing formula, which looks like it will work in its favour.

Executive Producer Joe Neate also hinted that players can expect more narrative additions in future updates.

“We want to introduce new features with new story.” he said. “Maybe not on the size of Shores of Gold, maybe smaller, more regular stories. But the goal is to continue to feed that and drip that into the world of Sea of Thieves. New stories, new mechanics, new challenges, activities, and commendations”.

Stay tuned for more information on the Anniversary Update, due for release April 30th, and read more about the Anniversary Update here.

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