Sea of Thieves Update Adds Skeletons with Gunpowder Barrels

Released today, Sea of Thieves’ latest patch (1.1.4) adds an explosive new enemy into the world in the form of Gunpowder Skeletons.

Added as this fortnight’s Bilge Rat Adventure, the Gunpowder Skeletons rush players with their gunpowder keg in hand, lighting the fuse and detonating it when in close proximity (fuses being another new addition). In order to earn Doubloons from this week’s Bilge Rat Adventure, players must defeat Gunpowder Skeletons in a variety of ways, “some less conventional than others” (at time of writing, patch is not yet live, so we don’t have the full details).

Along with adding a new type of enemy, this week’s patch comes with some welcome changes and fixes. The highlights include:

  • Gunpowder kegs – now have enough force to push and rock ships, and have a five-second fuse that players can light when holding
  • Bilge Rat Cosmetics – players can purchase the Sword, Pistol, Blunderbuss, and Eye of Reach cosmetic options from the Bilge Rats using Doubloons
  • Purchasing a Letter of Recommendation from the Bilge Rays now grants a full reputation level with the chosen faction
  • Legendary Commendations – while the details aren’t clear, these reward 50 doubloons each, and were added based on “player feedback requesting replayability”
  • Skeleton accuracy has been reduced

Other changes vary from Megaladon tweaks and turning speed on the Galleon, to UI and performance improvement.

While this Bilge Rat Adventure will run until July 10, the Skeleton Thrones from the previous Adventure will remain in the world (though players are unable to earn doubloons by sitting in them).

Read the full patch notes here.

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