Server Merge in Sea of Thieves

You may have noticed every once in a while that your game pauses, and eerie music plays while a mysterious riddle displays on the screen. But what does it mean?

The riddle reads as follows:

The world is changing, new dangers there be

Between boundless sky and treacherous sea

On rolling waves with sails unfurled

Ships come to plunder this new world

This is what happens when there’s a server merge – the server has too few players on it, so it consolidates the existing players onto a new server with other players to re-populate the world.


How to Trigger Server Merge

If you feel like there’s no one else in your game – or you’ve just finished a Skull Fort and want to try and hop to a server with an active one – simply drop your anchor. If you’re the last ship in the server, the game will display the message above and merge you to a more populated one.

This effect is seamless as well – so any Voyages or loot you have on you will carry over to the new server.

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