Shrouded Spoils Update adds Fog, Ship Customisation and More

shrouded sails sloop chasing galleon in fog

Sea of Thieves’ fourth major expansion since launch releases this week, bringing with it a slew of much needed quality-of-life changes.

Among the changes, the most anticipated include a roaming fog that covers the sea and heavily reduces visibility, encouraging players to rely on their Crow’s nest to navigate through and keep an eye out for enemies. Similar to the storms in the game, fog will be an emergent weather effect.

shrouded sails sloop chasing galleon in fog

Players will now also be able to deck out parts of their ship with new customisation options, now being able to modify the appearance of the canons, the wheel, and the Capstan.

As well as updates around cosmetics, Shrouded Spoils adds new ways for players to play and progress through some of the Trading Companies – defeating the Megaladon or the Kraken now come with their own rewards, 6 new Skeleton Fort locations are now accessible, hidden Mermaid Statues now drop loot, and Skeleton Ships now actively roam the seas.

For the some of changes coming with the Shrouded Spoils update, see below.

  • Fog that rolls out and blankets the sea, hiding threats from players (similar to storms, this weather will be emergent)

  • Kraken improved to spawn more frequently with new attack type, the kraken slap, and will be more efficient at dealing ship damage. Every tentacle a crew downs will reward loot

  • Megladon will have new models, and bringing them down will reward players with loot

  • Skeleton Galleon and new Skeleton Sloop will now free roam around the world – some will be passive and some will be aggressive

  • 6 new fort locations (9 total)

  • Mermaid statues drop gems sold to merchant for rep/gold

  • Skull fort new loot: Crate of Bone Dust and mega-keg (a stronger gunpowder barrel)

  • Cannon/Wheel/Capstan cosmetics for ship customisation

  • Commendations and added progression for Pirate Legends

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Marking 2018’s last major update for Sea of Thieves, Shrouded Sails drops this week. Moving into early 2019, The Arena – a PvP-dedicated mode – will mark the start of next year’s content roadmap.

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