Top Requested Sea of Thieves Features From The Community

Ahead of their content update coming this week, Rare has taken to the Sea of Thieves forums to ask what features players would like to see more of in the future of the game.

Today, we’re exploring some of the most popular suggestions and feedback that the Sea of Thieves community has provided since the game launched a couple of weeks ago – some of these are closer to implementation than others, but all are great features that would help make a fun game even better.

More Ship Types

The biggest community gripe around ship types appears to be the fact that handling a Galleon is best as a 4-man ship, but doesn’t quite flow as a 3-man vessel.

Suggestions around a 3-man Sloop-Galleon hybrid have been floating around since launch day, with players offering that the Galleon is too large for a 3-man crew, and that something in between the two would be more suited.

Rare has recently stated that they’re looking to make Sloops playable as both a 3-man and 4-man crew, which will be a good short-term solution (and make Sloops even more of a threat, given the right crew), though new ships types might not be out of the question long-term.

More Trading Companies and Quest Types

While Rare has stated since before launch that new Trading Companies – and the types of quest that come with them – is something they’ll add as the game progresses, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the more highly requested features from the community.

The community has suggested a huge variety of Trading Companies to look at adding in, so there’s no shortage to choose from testing, such as Companies focused on PvP combat or on sailing/exploration.

Map Size and Exploration

A person favourite request of mine is to make exploration more meaningful. Currently there are plenty of islands to explore – and even uncharted islands to stumble across – that are filled with hidden cave systems, thick jungles, remnants of a settlement/camp, and ancient wall paintings. But it doesn’t really amount to much, and the benefit to search these islands whilst on a Voyage is pretty slim.

While players can find chests, trinkets, and gunpowder barrels scattered around to sell (or the occasional Easter egg/point of interest to stumble across), there’s not much incentive to go exploring beyond a quick peruse to double check there are no valuable chests.

Making exploration more engaging isn’t going to be an easy task, and it’s something that will need a lot of work and testing, but the game has an excellent foundation for it, both in the mechanics of interacting with the environment as well as the lore around the world of the game. To help facilitate more of a focus on exploration, players have suggested things like a dedicated cartographer Trading Company, more interactive options between the player and things they find on an island, or more specific/consistent rewards for scouting around an island.

With regards to map size, this is also something Rare is open to exploring in the future. In my opinion, the ratio of islands-to-water in the current map size is perfect (as is the number of ships per server to space out encounters), so increasing the map size would need to have things like player cap increase alongside it.

There’s also the opportunity to add new biomes with different styles of islands/environments (a big favourite on Reddit being Eastern-inspired), which could help flesh out the world further in both gameplay variety as well as lore expansion.

PvP Bounty System

Tying in with one of the Trading Company suggestions, the community is very keen to have PvP play a larger role in the game – and a Bounty system is one way to look at fleshing it out.

Most of the suggestions have centred around two possibilities – it can target griefers, and it can paint a target on the backs of players having a bit of a winning streak.

Such a Bounty system would give players more of a reason to actively engage in PvP combat other than to steal loot or just for the fun of it.

It is something Rare we’re toying around with in the earlier days of development, but it’s also a feature that requires a heavy amount of testing and tweaking before implement (there are a lot of ways it can go wrong or be abused), so it’s fair to not expect this one any time soon.

Fishing and Other ‘Mini-Games’

If you were anywhere near Reddit before the game launched, you would have noticed at least one of the daily posts asking for fishing to be added into the game.

After launch, these requests have both expanded and picked up steam, with players suggesting pass-times like fishing, cards, dice, drinking games, etc.

While not as much of a content-centric suggestion compared to the rest of the list, things like these mini-games can help flesh out the community interaction within the game, and provide another thing to do whilst on a longer Voyage (or after completing a successful one).

NPC Enemies and Factions

This suggestion pretty much speaks for itself – while Rare teased hostile Mermaids before launch, players just want more variety in enemy to deal with.

The current array of skeletons are a good start – especially when you start having to deal with the different types that are immune to/weak against certain elements – the world would feel much more fleshed out with a greater array of NPC or enemy to come across.

More Sea Creatures

A no-brainer – imagine a Megaladon-sized shark that stalks your ship, or a giant sea serpent that waits for sailors to fall overboard. The possibilities for more creatures like the Kraken are endless (Cthulhu is actually a community favourite).

The above isn’t out of the question, either – cave paintings and wall paintings dotted across different islands hint at creatures found in the world like giant crabs or giant sharks, so they may already be planned for the future.

Aside from the more threatening sea creatures, a greater variety in passive wildlife would also be great – the beta update where they added birds and schools of fish did wonders in making the world feel more alive, so taking that another step further wouldn’t hurt at all.

Player Factions/Clans

Another feature Rare is looking into, clans are a staple of most shared world online games, but how it could be implemented remains to be seen (particularly with the current player cap per server).

Player suggestions include the ability to form fleets of ships, and to have in-game clan taverns or hideouts.

In terms of other content-specific suggestions, clans is lower on the list, but would still be an interesting feature if it was ever enabled.

More Cosmetic Variety

Definitely a no-brainer – more cosmetics is a must, and something that should be ongoing as the game ages.

Event-specific gear, more Trading Company-themed sets, and just more types of cosmetics in general are all highly requested by the community (and will no doubt be added, given the game’s focus on player identification through cosmetics)

Environmental Phenomenons or Hazards

Another great suggestion to flesh out the sailing experience – things like whirlpools, maelstroms, tornados, and giant waves are all fair game, and would be a lot of fun to traverse if implemented correctly.

Navigating a particularly sever storm is a great experience that’s particularly immersive, so adding more variety to encounters like that wouldn’t hurt at all.

What’s your favourite? Do you have features or suggestions you want to see in Sea of Thieves? Let us know below!

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