Voyages to Become More Meaningful & Story-Driven

If you’ve been waiting for more of a story in Sea of Thieves, the future is looking bright.

During X018’s Sea of Thieves panel, Rare staff revealed that the Voyage system – the way that the game delivers ‘quests’ – is getting restructured in the near-future. In particular, they’re putting more of a focus on a ‘meaningful’ and ‘story-driven’ approach to Voyages.

While each expansion released so far (The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores) has had a one-time story-driven quest that drives the expansion, they don’t have any staying power beyond the initial completion.

At this stage, updating the Voyage system in such a manner seems to be slated for sometime early-mid 2019, after the PvP-focused Arena update (along with other quality-of-life improvements).

This approach not only has the opportunity to add more story-based gameplay to Sea of Thieves – which is something players have been asking for since launch – but it also has the opportunity to draw from the rich lore that has been established in the external media via the artbook, novels, comics, an so on (which is actually already being done).

Similarly, it could be expected that events within Sea of Thieves have an impact on further publications in the future, which has exciting potential for those interested in the lore of the universe.

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