Weekly Developer Update – August 1st

Sea of thieves weekly update august 1st

Monthly Updates - What is Time-Limited?

On the topic of the recently-introduced Monthly Updates – starting with July’s Black Powder Stashes – Executive Producer Joe Neate addressed questions around what elements of these updates are permanent and what are time-limited.

“The Voyages that came as part of [Black Powder Stashes] and the Commendations that accompany that – along with the rewards – those are time-limited,” says Neate. “So we will be removing them with the August update, but then Dark Relics will come in, which will be a new set of Voyages with a new set of rewards and Commendations to go and achieve that month. We’re just trying to drive that different player behaviour on a monthly basis.”

Joe further clarified that the following elements will be time-limited:

  • Handing in gunpowder barrels to all Trading Companies
  • Commendations related to Mermaid Gems, Voyages, and cashing in Gunpowder Barrels to different Trading Companies
  • Rewards – Sails, Figurehead, and Flag

While there are a number of permanent changes, most notable is that the Mermaid Gems will still be findable in their new areas (on islands, in shipwrecks, etc.); that said, they will see a decrease in spawn rate.

“Every month we want to refresh the world of Adventure with new Voyages, new things to go and earn, and really try and create interesting social dynamics between players,” says Neate.

Microtransactions - What Ship Cosmetics Will be in-Store?

Following last week’s official announcement of Rare’s digital business side of Sea of Thieves – their upcoming cosmetics store – some players were confused around the messaging, particularly with what kind of ship cosmetics will be purchasable.

Joe clarified that the only ship cosmetics that will be buyable will be based on collaborations with existing IP.

Sea of Thieves Master Chief

“We’ve seen Banjo stuff in the past, we’ve seen Perfect Dark things that we’ve brought into the game – we definitely want to explore this avenue further and bring cools things in that players can optionally purchase,” says Joe.

“That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop bringing in ship cosmetics just as part of the game itself, and as part of things that people can go and earn as part of their normal play.”

For some further context, these cosmetics will be reminiscent of the sets for Halo, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, and so on. Providing varied cosmetics that are earned through player progression will continue per normal.

Arena Matchmaking Improvements

Joe talks about last week’s Twitch Rivals, Sea of Thieves’ third competitive event, and how it was not only a great display of crew skills and competition, but also great for feedback to use within the day-to-day game itself.

“When you have a full set of crews and it’s really competitive [the Arena is] awesome, but when you don’t have a full set of crews or it’s a bit mismatched, then it can not be quite as good an experience,” said Joe.

“We’re very much looking at all the things we can do to make The Arena play like that on a regular basis – so whenever you’re playing live, we’ll make sure it’s got a full amount of crews, that people are matched equally… how we get it to play like that as regular as possible.”


Stay Tuned for the Next Weekly Update

Moving into August, we should expect to hear some more information about August’s Monthly Update – Dark Relics.

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