Sunken Curse Guide – Locations, Tips, & Rewards

What is the Sunken Curse?

The Sunken Curse is Sea of Thieves’ latest bi-weekly event from the Bilge Rat Trading Company.

In The Sunken Curse, players must locate and destroy Mermaid Statues hidden beneath the waves around islands across the map. Destroying the Mermaid Statues rewards players with Doubloons that can be used to purchase cosmetics and other items from the Bilge Rats.

Launching on the 11th of July, the Sunken Curse replaced the previous Gunpowder Skeletons event.

Mermaid Statue Locations

Unlike the previous Skeleton Thrones event, the Mermaid Statues aren’t placed in fixed locations – instead, they spawn randomly around the world.

What we do know about their location and how to find them is:

  • They don’t appear to spawn around Forts or Outposts
  • They do appear around the remaining islands across the map (including the uncharted islands not shown on the map)
  • This hasn’t been proven 100%, but it appears that the larger the island, the more Statues that appear (I’ve only located 1-2 at smaller islands, but often will find 3-4 at larger islands)
  • They’ll appear at varying depths around the islands – I’ve found some at the base of drop-offs and underwater ridges, and others half-submerged on the beach
  • When you’re near a statue you’ll hear ominous and eery music playing – the noise appears to originate from the Mermaid Statue itself, so if you’re wearing headphones you can also determine the direction that the music comes from
  • If the Mermaid Statue is in your line of sight, it will periodically glint underwater, similar to how a message in a bottle glints when buried in sand, but in the colour of the Statue’s difficulty (Sapphire, Emerald, or Ruby)

How to Defeat the Mermaid Statues

There are 3 types of Mermaid Statues, with different colours that reflect their difficulty in defeating:

  • Sapphire (easy)
  • Emerald (medium)
  • Ruby (hard)

With all 3, it’s important to remember that you take damage when near them, so you need to get the job done as quickly as possible.

The Mermaid Statues also regenerate health while you attack, so you need to focus on dealing as much damage as possible in the shortest timeframe, so generally swords are the best weapon to use (though I would also recommend starting the attack with a point-blank Blunderbuss shot to deal a chunk of damage).

Sapphire Mermaid Statue

The Sapphire Statue is the easiest of the 3, and can be very easily defeated by a solo player. I would recommend just swiping away with a sword on this one.

Emerald Mermaid Statue

The Emerald Statues are a step up in difficulty from their Sapphire counterparts, and as such they require more damage to defeat.

For Emerald Statues, 2+ players can take them down, though the more players there are to deal damage, the quicker you’ll be able to defeat it.

Ruby Mermaid Statue

The Ruby Statue’s are definitely the strongest, and are near-impossible to defeat with 1-2 players (though some have shown that it’s achievable under the right circumstances).

It’s recommended to have at least 3 players to beat the Ruby Statues.

What are the Rewards?

Similar to previous events, defeating a certain number of each Mermaid Statue will complete a series of Commendations. Completing these Commendations awards Doubloons that can be spent with the Bilge Rats to purchase new cosmetics and other items.

By completing the normal and Legendary Commendations, players can earn up to 150 Doubloons.

Normal Commendations

Thanks to Thieves DB for the screenshotThe Commendations that players have to earn have the following requirements:

  • Sapphire Curse Breaker – Destroy 3 Sapphire Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • Master Sapphire Curse Breaker – Destroy 15 Sapphire Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • Emerald Curse Breaker – Destroy 3 Emerald Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • Master Emerald Curse Breaker – Destroy 15 Emerald Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • Ruby Curse Breaker – Destroy 3 Ruby Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • Master Ruby Curse Breaker – Destroy 15 Ruby Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • “Curse Breaker” Title – Earn all the base ‘Curse Breaker’ Commendations
  • “Master Curse Breaker” Title – Earn all the Master ‘Curse Breaker’ Commendations

Legendary Commendations

  • Legendary Curse Breaker – Destroy 100 Cursed Mermaid Statues
  • “Legendary Curse Breaker” Title – Earn the Legendary Curse Breaker Commendation

Cosmetic Reward – Wailing Barnacle Set

Available to purchase from the Bilge Rats in every Outpost Tavern is the Wailing Barnacle set.

Each of these items cost 20 Doubloons.

Wailing Barnacle Hat

Wailing Barnacle Jacket

Wailing Barnacle Dress

How Long Will the Sunken Curse Last?

The Sunken Curse will last for 2 weeks, from July 11 to July 25.