You can now buy Pets in Sea of Thieves – and They’re Awesome

parrot inside captain's quarters

With the release of today’s Smuggler’s Fortune update, players can now finally get their hands on their very own pet in Sea of Thieves.

One of the longer-requested features, pets were discussed as far back as the game’s launch, being something that the team wanted to put together early on during the game’s post-launch life – it was just a matter of implementing them in the right way.

There’s so many ways that we could have realised pets in the Sea of Thieves,” said Design Director Mike Chapman in a recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ look.

We really wanted to go beyond the idea that the pets were just an extension of the pirate, they were just like a cosmetic that followed you around. We loved the idea that they could become a sidekick, and also that they could feel like another member of the crew.”

The pets feel like a natural extension of the player, and are surprisingly versatile in their interactivity.

If you play a shanty and your monkey will dance along; emote to your parrot and it’ll emote right back; place them on a railing or up next to the ship’s wheel while you sail, or leave them to their own devices and they’ll make their own way around the ship.

Of course you’re also able to pick them up and pet them using the interact button.

"Rather than the idea that they're just following a character, they can go and hang out on positions on the ship. Sometimes they'll come and sit by you on the helm, or maybe they'll fall asleep on the bed, or they'll go and hang out near the ship's bell. They're kind of having their own little life on the ship at the same time."

You can also shoot them out of a cannon. Enough said.

At launch, the selection of pets include 2 species of Parrot, 2 species of Monkey, with colours to choose from and a cosmetic outfit for each.

Although they started with the staple ‘pirate’ animals, the team expects the list of animals available as pets to grow.

The only facet of pets that some players are having trouble coming to terms with is the real-world money cost via the new in-game currency, Ancient Coins. Players can purchase different amounts of Ancient Coins which are then used to purchase pets from the new in-game store, the Pirate Emporium. A pet will set you back 649 Ancient Coins, which you’ll need to purchase 1000 Ancient Coins to obtain (roughly $10USD).

There is also the opportunity to earn some Ancient Coins in-game by defeating very rare Ancient Skeletons that have a chance to spawn as you’re adventuring. The amount obtained by defeating these skeletons isn’t known, but allegedly it will be a ‘variable’ amount.

All that said, pets perfectly compliment the existing Sea of Thieves experience – they provide a fun, wacky, and wholly immersive layer to the current gameplay loop, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the community uses them now that they’re officially in the wild.

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