New Information on Becoming a Pirate Legend

With the Sea of Thieves launch rolling out right now, we’ve learned a little more about what comes with the launch’s version of end-game – becoming a Pirate Legend.

Becoming a Pirate Legend is something that Rare has described a being players’ ‘end-game’ goal for the content that comes with launch. While the details behind what being a Pirate Legend entails have been under wraps for most of the development, here’s what we know:

How do You Become a Pirate Legend?

Rare has confirmed that the goal for players at launch is to become a Pirate Legend. While that’s the current end-game, future content will be based around the ‘Pirate Legend’ being more of a starting point.

To reach the rank of ‘Pirate Legend’, players must reach Level 50 with all 3 Trading Companies – while the time investment will vary from player to player, Rare expects the first players to reach this within the first few weeks following launch.

Ship Customisation

While ships at launch feature customisation options that pirates can purchase and equip, allegedly the Pirate Legend’s ship will support a much wider array of options to choose from as well as more areas to customise.

Rare has mentioned that they’re opening up other areas on the Pirate Legend ship that may not normally be customisable, such as the cannons, the wheel, and the Captain’s Cabin.

This is on top of the already customisable sails, figureheads, and (potentially) color schemes that everyone has access to change.

Exclusive Cosmetics

It wouldn’t be worth becoming a Pirate Legend if you weren’t able to tell anyone, and Rare is adamant that players will be able to very easily identify them from a distance.

While this implies that cosmetic items will be exclusive to Pirate Legends, Rare confirmed that this is the case, both for ship and player outfitting.

New Voyages

Once players become Pirate Legend, they also gain access to brand new Voyages, described by Rare as a different experience to anything else in the game.

At this stage it’s unknown as to what these Voyages entail, though Rare has suggested that some of the rewards are cosmetic, found in ancient treasure chests.

‘Legend’ Hideout

Pirate Legends also have access to a ‘secret hideout’ currently somewhere in the game. Featuring a tavern built into a shipwreck (on the other side of a waterfall), pirates can gather in this space to socialise, talk with NPCs, and gain Legendary Voyages.

The NPCs are also all ghosts, in the vein of the Ferry of the Damned – fallen Pirate Legends who have already lived their adventures. While the Pirate Lord provides Legendary Voyages to the players, various NPCs will drop teases on future game content.

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