Sea of Thieves Mega Update Details Include Arena, Fishing and More

In celebration of Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary today, Rare released a teaser trailer detailing their next major update. This Mega Update, titled the Anniversary Update, will release on April 30th.

From the trailer released and other information gathered, the Anniversary Update includes three major releases:

  • The ArenaSea of Thieves’ dedicated PvP mode
  • Tall Tales – Shores of Golda revamp of the quest system that delivers story-driven Voyages based in the lore of the game
  • The Hunter’s Calla new Trading Company that introduces long-awaited features like fishing and cooking

Check out the trailer below, and read on for more details on what’s included with the Anniversary Update:

The Arena

A stand-alone competitive mode, The Arena will pit crews against each other in a confined set of islands in a race to find, steal and turn in the most treasure.

With The Arena comes a host of new features and combat updates, including:

  • More in-depth ship damage (the ability to knock down and repair the mast and other key parts of the ship
  • A new Trading Company, the Sea Dogs, which come with their own set of challenges to complete and cosmetics to earn

Its also worth noting that players earn progress in The Arena alongside the traditional game, now titled Adventure mode.

Tall Tales – Shores Of Gold

Tall Tales will introduce more lore-based story-driven quests to the world of Sea of Thieves. You can read more about Shores of Gold here.

“This is us bringing narrative and story to a shared world in Sea of Thieves, and I think that’s really special,” said Executive Producer Joe Neate on Rare’s latest developer update.

“This is going to take what’s great about Sea of Thieves – which is this shared world, these shared adventures, and players meeting out there, having great adventures together – but at the same time it’s introducing crafted narrative and story, things that our players have been crying out for.”

The trailer showed off a few minor tidbits of what we can expect from Tall Tales, including new animations, navigating by using the stars, and what looks to be a far more customised approach to the traditional style of Sea of Thieves (even moreso than the stories presented in each of last year’s major updates).

We’ll learn more about Tall Tales during one of Rare’s live stream’s on April 23rd.

I’m just really excited with what we’ll be able to talk about,” says Neate. “We’ve been working on a really cool trailer specifically for Tall Tales itself, which we’ll be revealing as part of the April 23rd stream. I think it’s gonna blow people away, just with what we’re trying to do here.”

The Hunter’s Call

We’ve written about features like fishing and cooking since Sea of Thieves’ early months, and they’re finally making an appearance in the Anniversary Update.

From the Sea of Thieves website, players will be able to “master the art of fishing from shore and from ship, hunt animals and monsters for their meat and cook up delicious (or occasionally poisonous) food.

Similar to the other Trading Companies, The Hunter’s Call is another option for players to change up the way they play to get to Pirate Legend. Players who took part in The Hungering Deep will also recognise the head of this Trading Company, Merrick.

Further Updates

As mentioned above, the Anniversary Update contains a lot more under the hood that impacts minute-to-minute gameplay, including (but not limited to):

  • Harpoon guns attached to the ships
  • More specific ship damage (masts can topple, steering can be locked by cannon hits, and the anchor can drop if the capstan is hit)
  • Traps!
  • New enemies (including characters from the expanded lore)

Also check out our list of other updates that will likely come to Sea of Thieves in 2019.

More is due to be revealed in live streams leading up to April 30th, so save the date!

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