Weekly Developer Update – July 3rd

Another week, another weekly developer update!

Executive Producer Joe Neate has taken to his usual seat on the Sea of Thieves Youtube channel to discuss the goings on at the studio – and this week we have a mention of what’s coming next to the Sea of Thieves.

If you’d prefer to watch the whole video, scroll to the bottom of the article – if you’d like a summary of the biggest news, read on!

Regular Content Updates Returning with ‘Black Powder Stashes’

Starting on July 17th with the ominously named ‘Black Powder Stashes’, Sea of Thieves will once again start seeing regular activities added to Adventure mode, similar to the Bilge Rat Adventures of old.

While we have no details on what Black Powder Stashes will involve, Neate compared it to the Reaper’s Run activity, which encouraged players to raise their Reaper’s Mark flag (a beacon on all other players’ maps) while running Voyages to encourage PvP and player interaction.

“We really want to drive interesting social dynamics and behaviour in this shared world, in Adventure,” said Neate. “We’ve seen in the past some really interesting results when we did stuff like the Reaper’s Run, and just the feeling that the seas changed – we’re trying to do something similar but different with the Black Powder Stashes update.”

This activity is currently in Insider testing, and promises Commendations and cosmetic rewards for players to earn.

The Black Powder Stashes activity releases on July 17th as part of a larger game update.

More Discussions on Future Content to Come

Since the highly acclaimed Anniversary Update dropped, Rare’s been pretty quiet on what’s coming next to Sea of Thieves, taking their time to relax and recuperate before jumping into the next endeavour. And that endeavour appears as though it’s on its way.

We’re currently discussing and kind of iterating on our plan in terms of how we communicate and talk about the future plans for Adventure,” Neate said. “[Black Powder Stashes] is the first in a series of activities that are going to be coming to [Adventure].”

Regular activities and additions in the past (see Bilge Rat Adventures from Year One) have helped keep the seas fresh in between major content updates, though it’s rare that we’ll get a solid roadmap more than a few weeks ahead of time.

Understandably, this is due to the nature of game development, where something that was previously thought completely doable turns out to be anything but, and unforeseen circumstances loom around every corner. It’ll be good to get some regular activities up and running again, but even better to hear from the team on their upcoming projects and goals for the future of Sea of Thieves.

Different Ship Sizes in Arena

Another item in the Insider build, it appears as though Rare is testing different sized ships for Arena – and they’re asking for as many testers as possible.

If you sign up for the Insider Program and play between 9am Saturday to midnight on Sunday night you can earn Doubloons for your main Sea of Thieves account (an amount for participating in each match and another amount for winning). If you’re short on Doubloons it presents a good opportunity to collect some more!

That mostly sums up the main points – watch the full video below:

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